Have I done this right?

I had a clash in a “cname” and a “a” record because they had the same root. I deleted the ‘a’ record and now my website it down. The record was.pointed at an IP address and I fear it was needed. OR is it just going to take some time for everything to move over?

I’m new at all this so I don’t really get much and apologies if none of this makes sense

This is what I have now

Your DNS is working, but it’s leading to a “not found” page. Basically you have your domain pointing at something, but it looks like that “something” doesn’t know it’s supposed to answer to your domain name.

There will be a place at your hosting provider (presumably cloudfront) where you need to enter your domain name to let their system know to answer to that name. You’ll need to enter it both with and without the www prefix.


The thing is I’m not even using cloudfont, I’m trying to migrate my domain elsewhere :sweat_smile:

Okay, in that case, you need to create whatever records your new host needs. They would have given you one or more IP addresses (for A or AAAA records) or a name (for a CNAME) to point to. It will be one or the other.

In fact, the site is working now, so it looks like you figured it out?

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Oh, is it working now?!?

It’s still showing an error page on my browser, maybe it’s something on my browsers end now

I had to talk to my old hosting service and they suggested the same, adding the IP to the A record and said it might take a day or 2 to work out

Right now your site comes up for me, but only if I use the bare domain pawsofwisdom.com and not the www version. It’s pointing to an IP address that is at Bluehost.

So your www DNS entry is still wrong. If it’s still the CNAME from the screenshot you posted, you should delete it, and then create a new www entry as the A record Bluehost said to create.

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