Have Godady Domain and 000webhost free hosting and Connect Cloudflare

I Have free hosting from 000webhost, i buy a domain from godady, i connect it to cloudflare, it ask to change nameserver, but when i connected it to 000webhost hosting, it also asked to change nameserver, once i change it for cloudflare, will it disconnect from my hosting?, because it was connected with previous nameserver which i change just now,

If your host doesnt allow you to change nameservers you wont be able to use Cloudflare I am afraid.

I don’t know that my host allow it or don’t, well obviously when i connecting domain to hosting, it asked to change nameserver, but now i change it to cloudflare, i’m asking will it disconnect from hosting?

Typically that should not happen, but this is something you will have to clarify with your host.

i changed my nameserver 20 minute ago, cloudflare has verified it, but it is still connected to my hosting, thanks, if i have any problem in future i’ll reply

Did it import the DNS records properly? Do you have a certificate on your server?

Whats the domain?

it import 3 dns record, i have free certificate from DigiCert Inc, the domain is https://thesoftpy.com/

There is a DigiCert certificate, however it is not valid for your own domain. In that way you can only choose the “Full” encryption mode and not the only secure “Full strict”.

As for your site itself. It seems to already load just fine -> sitemeer.com/#https://thesoftpy.com/

yeah, certificate is not valid because my free hosting provided it for free. Thanks a lot for your precious time

If you have the chance I’d still recommend to configure a proper certificate, as “Full strict” simply is more secure than just “Full”.

The site itself should be working though.

ok, i switch it to full strict, thanks.

Ehm, yes. Because you dont have a valid certificate as I mentioned a few times earlier. You need to configure a valid certificate on your server first.

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