Have downloaded onto my mac: now can't access coffee shop wifi?

I have installed on my mac, and now I am unable to join the wifi system in my favourite coffee shop chain :frowning:
Here is the URL: https://service.thecloud.net/service-platform/login/
Thanks very much to anyone who can advise me?

Try to connect to the WiFi first and then enable the VPN

Thanks! Sorry - not sure what you mean by enabling the VPN. When installing on my mac I just followed instructions to enter numbers into the DNS Server box, see pic?

Damn. You confused me with

because there’s also an app for it. :joy:

Some public wifi networks don’t allow usage of custom DNS settings.
Can you access the captive portal (wifi login page) while is configured? Or what happens exactly?

It’s also possible that they’ve ‘hijacked’ with their hotspots. This network ( was not supposed to be used for public services in the past.

ahhhh well that makes more sense now :joy:
I’ll install the app and see if that makes a difference.
If it doesn’t what would you suggest?
(thanks so much for your help)

Not sure if it is just iOS,…

Best way would be to contact their support.

Ok thanks! over and out.

Sorry @MarkMeyer - I have looked at this again and I remain confused!
You say there’s an app to download but it looks to me that it’s just for iOS/mobile.
I have copied the instructions for installing in a Mac below - which is what I did… so my belief is that I have successfully installed it, but it is not agreeing with the wifi (in any of the main cafe chains, it seems!).

What do I do to uninstall and put my DNS back to how it was?
Thank you!

You should go back to Sys Prefs -> DNS Servers, and remove the servers you have set there.

To help fix connectivity, While at the cafe chains, Could you:

This will allow us to see what ISP they use and if there are any connectivity issues to 1^4.