Have cloudflare by Site ground!

Hi People,

I use CDN Cloudfare by Siteground. I have a 2-year subscription at Siteground for Cloudflare! But I logged in but do not see any website registered. My website is https://www.tvworkshop.com/

I have an issue with Thrive Architect caused probably by CDN Cloudflare. After an update everything on my website is messy!

See below response Thrive:

Hello Emile

Thank you for the follow-up.
Can you please try to add the following exception to Cloudflare, and see if this solves the issue?
Please go into CloudFlare and create a new page rule.

Enter your domain like this: https://YourDOMAIN.com/tve=true
The key is the tve=true
Then choose disable performance and disable apps. Lastly, clear your cache one last time.

Let me know if this helped.
Best regards,
Cristian {redacted}

I send a ticket to Cloudflare but probably have to wait a long time for answer. So what is next?

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That website is going through Cloudflare. So if you added it through SiteGround, you’re not going to see it here.

And the site doesn’t look messy to me. All resources are loading properly.

Hi sdayman,

Thanks for the reply. Emile (dutch) In Singapore:)! Off course it is still online but the header picture is cropped. A lot of the website is moved to the left and footer is messed up. All after update Thrive Architect.

They say it is the CDN. I’m not tech guy so do not know what to do:)


Ok, I see. It looks like a CSS problem. I don’t think it’s a matter of cropping, but the margins look messed up.

If you put the site into Development Mode (from the Overview section), is the site still messed up?

Hi sdayman, Thanks for the reply,

In the page builder Thrive Architect. In the development mode, everything looks normal. When i look in the preview mode in Thrive Architect it is already as you see it! What you think it is a problem of Thrive Architect or the CDN?

Support Thrive Architect is pointing now/ to check CDN.

Emile Leus

Layout is still messed up. It’s also not in Dev Mode.

It all happened after update Thrive Architect in Wordpress. So i i think it is Thrive Architect.

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Before update everything worked well and Thrive is an ok page builder:)!

So what to do next?

Go to the Overview page for your domain at Cloudflare and click the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” link in the lower right corner. Give it five minutes to take effect. If it’s still messed up, you will need to fix it on your server. If that fixes it, then it’s a Cloudflare issue. Let us know how it goes!

Hi Sdyman,

Thanks for your reply and good morning. The funny thing is that I log in in Cloudflare under my account
[email protected] and there is no website. I have Cloudflare plus arranged by Site ground. So I’m stuck now. Cloudflare support desk is not responding until now.

What’s the ticket #?

If it’s really configured at Siteground, you’re really going to have to press Siteground on this. They control your site’s settings. It would be nice if they could let you temporarily let you bypass Cloudflare.

Hi Thanks for reply!

Ticket number is #1818067.

You are right and have to pressure Siteground.

I send your remarks already to them.

Keep you updated.


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