Have anyone actually received answers from CloudFlare customer support?

I filed a support ticket with CF customer support and didn’t get answer for a few days. I finally asked to close the ticket and it was done in 5 mins. I asked a follow-up question after that as what they suggested. And it went into silent again.

Hi @thai.pham,

What plan are you on? Standard ticketed support is only available on paid plans. If you are on Free, you only have access to the community.

I have a Business plan. They do get to me once when the ticket was created, asking for more details. Then went into silence until I asked them to close the ticket. How efficient was that?

That’s not usual, I usually receive a quick resolution on Business. Please share your ticket number here and I’ll get it escalated.

@domjh thanks. Do you have any connection with CloudFlare customer support or are you part of the CloudFlare customer support team?

Btw, my ticket is 2224434.

The MVPs here are just other Cloudflare customers who are active in the community. We are not part of support or employed by Cloudflare.

We can help with many general issues here, or we have the ability to escalate issues to the support team, which is what I have done in this case.

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@domjh, that’s very nice of you. And thank you for doing that.

I was just curious on the response of the support team because it was really bad. Other than that I have resolved the issue myself so it’s no longer an issue but because they asked me a question, I then answered but they never replied after that so it was just frustrating.

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No problem! :slight_smile:

Yes, that is not good. I’m glad to hear your issue is resolved now, but hopefully there can be some follow-up on the support you received. I have had the occasional poor experience, but generally I have found support very good.

On the business plan, you should also have access to live chat in your dashboard, they usually can’t troubleshoot larger issues via that and it’s intended for quick questions, but you could follow up there if needed.

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