Have a stuck SSL cert showing information from old host when proxy activated

I believe I’m struggling with something similar to this:

Client moved providers. With proxy active, it’s loading the old site. WIth proxy inactive, it’s going to proper destination.

I had created a secondary cloudflare account thinking that using different nameservers might cure the issue, however it remained.

I have removed the domain from both cf accounts, but DNS still answers with deleted information.

I’ve never dealt with anything like this in the past. What’s next?

The host requires CF proxy for SSL.

Thanks in advance,

Ask the client to contact to their former provider and ask them to remove the ‘custom hostname’ they have configured for that hostname on their service.

They were likely using an SSL for SaaS based service and that is overriding the destination. If the former provider can’t or won’t update, support@ will need to step in to make a change.


It’s been over 24 hours since profiles were deleted at ClickFunnels, and the domain is still forwarding to them when the proxy is turned on.

The domain in question is https://whydotheybuy.com

Did they remove the mapping for both the root and for www? You may need to contact Cloudflare support if Clickfunnels can’t figure it out.

Yes. They said that the name has been removed from their platform. Still struggling. Something appears to be stuck in the CF proxy cache. I’ve got hundreds of domains on the platform, some paid, some free, and over the last decade, I’ve never seen anything like this. When I bypass the proxy, all is fine. My client has reached out to them directly - but their bot says propagation takes time. As most everyone knows, the TTL on CF when using the proxy is near immediate if left at its default. The nameservers were already set - so that shouldn’t be a contributing factor. A second set of nameservers was set with the original nameservers left in place with the proper rules and still, the issue persisted. Again, I’ve never experienced anything like this… It’s crazy.

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