Have a free plan - Need to change name server

Hi All

I badly need help with this question.

  1. Is name server change possible if we move to paid plan? or cloudflare just doesn’t allow it under any plan.
    I am building a website and need to change the name server change to the one being requested by my hosting provider.

  2. Also within 60days is there a way I can do a transfer to go daddy or is waiting for 60days mandatory?

Kindly help

Nameservers generally cannot be changed, regardless of the plan. And I am afraid the sixty days are a requirement, but after that you can transfer it to any registrar supporting your TLD.

Are you sure you have to change nameservers and configuring the right DNS entries would not work?

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Hi Sandro

I havent discussed about configuring right DNS entries. They insisted they needed name xhange and thats what they follow for everyone. So I thought that was the only way.
Can you please share any guidance/steps on how to do it. I can pass these instructions to the IT team working on the website design.
They should be able to check and let me know.


Manage DNS records · Cloudflare DNS docs has that information.

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