Have a domain but do not know the email address associated

Our company has a domain through Cloudflare and the employee who created it is no longer with us. I have no idea how to be able to access it considering there isn’t a single human I can speak to at Cloudflare that will help me. I have tried emailing and they wouldn’t speak with me because I do not have an email associated with the domain. I had to create an account in order to be able to submit a ticket at all. Has anyone else had this issue?

Do you have control over the method used to pay the invoices, have a record of the invoices, or anything that could verify you as the account owner?

It might be easier for you just to create a new account and move the domain nameservers to the new ones you’d get on that account.


Sadly, it comes up a lot. The suggestion from @jnperamo to move the account is usually the most expedient way to address it and ensure you have access going forward.

Short of moving the domain, this doc outlines some recovery options, https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/203471284-Login-and-account-issues. Can you access/recreate the former employees email? If so you can send a recovery email to that account and go from there to reset the password.


We attempted to go back through and search all emails with the term “Cloudflare” and found nothing. I will attempt to move over the domain to a new account. Hopefully that works! Thank you!

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