Have a $1.45 charge

My company has a $1.45 charge on 3/26/23 on the card on file, but no invoice matches it. I can’t find anywhere to contact billing via phone for a detail on this. This is very frustrating as a paying good, long standing customer. Please help?

The best/only way to reach the #general:billing team is to open a billing ticket via the dashboard, go here to start that process and once you have a ticket number, please share it on this post for the team to investigate.

I suspect this charge will be reflected on the next invoice you receive. To determine when that will be received, look at the date of your last monthly invoice and add 1 month to the date of that invoice.

Thank you. I tried that URL and it interfaces me to create a post. It’s very frustrating. The only way I see to contact support is to either post to the community or upgrade to a business account. Why isn’t there just a button to create a ticket? This is a billing support question. I truly feel billing should not be blocked from phone calls to Cloudflare, it’s business accounting. I uploaded a screenshot maybe below?

Go just below where the image you shared was cropped, below post to the Community and simply select the button called continue to open a ticket. We cannot discuss #general:billing issues here

I tried that ‘continue’ button before I posted in this community space. It was not going to any further screen as I didn’t have a description summary typed in. This interface is not customer friendly and I’m sorry Cloudflare has had to make it so intricate to simply ask about a charge we need itemization for. I have figured it out finally I think. I submitted a ticket but I don’t have any confirmation or email referencing it yet. After I hit the submit ticket button it went right back to the original screen.

Sorry for the issue submitting a ticket.

I do not see a ticket but took a look at your invoices. From the charge you mentioned from 3/26, the difference between the monthly bill and account credit is $1.45. I suspect that is the reason for amount that you’re seeing on your card. Can you check that? If not, enter this in the description category https://community.cloudflare.com/t/have-a-1-45-charge/494532/5 so that the team can find this conversation.