Has NZ fallen off Cloudflare's map?

People from New Zealand accessing my site (including me) have, for at least a week now, been getting occasional dreaded Error 520’s (about 1 in every 10-20 page hits)

Now this error says Sydney, telling me that for some reason Cloudflare Auckland (the usual access point for New Zealand users) seems to not be working … and this is significantly affecting my site. Instead, its going to Sydney 2000 km away and this is impacting on performance and causing Error 520

Anyone know whats going on?

Hi there,

Access to datacenters or the routing to the nearest ones are prioritised by plan level and overall workload. If a datacenter is already overloaded, your users might be re-routed to the next nearest PoP. The 520 itself shouldn’t have something to do with which PoP is serving the request however and would need to be investigated separately.

See Community Tip - Fixing Error 520: Web server is returning an unknown error

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If your server IP address ends in 234, then you’d currently have a security issue.

What would that issue be?

What’s your encryption mode?

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