Has CloudFlare removed multiple accounts per user?

Has CloudFlare removed the ability to create multiple accounts for a user? I am not talking about multi-user accounts but multiple accounts per user e.g. having a personal account and then creating a multi-user company account. I remember there used to be a drop-down like this next to the CloudFlare logo before:

I am not aware. Were you removed as a member / admin user from some other Cloudflare account?

Possible due to the recent Dashboard UI/UX changes :slight_smile:

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I think they have removed unused personal accounts when the user is part of a multi-user account. I asked a friend to add me to his multi-user company account and now I can see the accounts selection dropdown and the screen. Still don’t see an option to create a new account in there though.

Hm, interesting if so, but I doubt they done it just like that with an ease and without leaving any notice to the user.

I could only add a note here about this which is, I am added as a admin member (and vice-versa, this one is added as member under my other CF account which I daily use) under one CF account which I manage, or rather is used as a backup access. It has no domains added (yet) and with the user credentials I haven’t logged-in on it for months already.

You can register a new CF account with a new e-mail address.

Or rather, you have Paid plan and multiple CF account / separate for organization vs personal?

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