Has Cloudflare changed how Argo billing works?

I’ve noticed a change that doesn’t make sense in how my Argo bill is calculated. When I go to the “Overview” page and set the time frame to 30 days I can see the following in the “Total Data Served” graph:

8/1 - 12GB
8/2 - 12GB
8/3 - 11GB
8/4 - 8GB
8/5 - 7GB
8/6 - 7GB

When I go to the billing page and view “Billable Usage” for Argo and set the graph to “Current Month” and “Daily” I can see the following usage recorded for the same period:

8/1 - 23GB
8/2 - 23GB
8/3 - 20GB
8/4 - 7GB
8/5 - 6GB
8/6 - 6GB

Basically my Argo billable usage has changed from being roughly double my Total Data Served to slightly less than it? It’s still like this from the 6th till today, only showed the days around the change for brevity. My understanding for it being double previously was that Argo counted both incoming and outgoing traffic but “Total Traffic Served” was only outgoing traffic. But now not sure how they map onto each other going forward? If this is a consistent change that’s great because my Argo bill will be ultra low now!

Also, I do have other sites in my profile - but I’ve never enabled Argo for any of them and I’ve double checked this is still the case.

Hi @David25671,

There has been no changes to how Argo is billed at this time. Argo is charged per domain, so you will be billed for the amount of data transferred (both upload and download bandwidth) between Cloudflare and your visitors on each domain using Argo.

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