Has anyone tested Early Hints on their Site?

Cloudflare recently launched Early Hints (beta)

Cloudflare’s edge will cache and send 103 Early Hints responses with Link headers from your HTML pages. Early Hints allows browsers to preload linked assets before they see a 200 OK or other final response from the origin.

Has anyone enabled it? If yes, how is it working? any performance improvements on your site?

The blog post outlines the gains on their test site. The catch, though, is that this only works on a beta version of Chrome (94), so it’s highly unlikely any of your visitors will reap these gains…for now.


Chrome 94 stable coming soon Chrome Platform Status :sunglasses:

Beta Aug 26 - Sep 2

Stable in 1 day ( Sep 21 )


I have a question about Early Hints but will create a new thread for it.

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