Has anyone had there normal nameserver changed for one Domain?

I have hundreds of domains in my account and they all have the same name server, However, I have one domain name that Cloudflare wants me to use different nameservers than all the others. I went ahead and followed along and set the account as requested but the site SSL never took. I then thought maybe it was because the domain name was with some crazy 3rd party register so I updated the name server to the normal nameserver in our account and forgot the email on file with GoDaddy is a domain email! now I can’t change the nameservers to what Cloudflare is requesting because I cant send an email to the domain email any longer. I don’t control the DNS any longer!

First, why did Cloudflare give me different nameservers?
Second How do you get the domain to have the same name server as the hundreds of other domains I manage?

Unless you are on a business or enterprise plan, you don’t. While they often are the same, they are not always the same. You should only set the nameservers for a domain as instructed by Cloudflare.

This is in the docs: “Each domain’s assigned nameservers may be different than other domains, even if those domains are within the same account.”


IDK I have 510 domains that point to a set of nameservers for 5 years now. Only 1 domain name pointing elsewhere. Something is different, Even my newly launched domains are pointing back to my nameservers.

I was reading online that the zone files might not have cleared from the last account the domain was on. I have no way of verification, The community said to create a ticket and see if they can clear the zone file and get the domain to set up in my account.

I know how to set up the nameserver. I am asking why did the nameservers change? and can they be changed back? I was pretty clear about this!

I am using GoDaddy cPanel servers like every client of mine. I am a reseller.

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Your nameservers are assigned cannot be changed. No reason to invoke more help. You can appeal to eastdakota on Twitter but he will say no as well.

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Like mentioned here before, it can’t be changed - it might be likely it’s the same for all zones on your account but that is never guaranteed to you and the nameservers are arbitrary anyways.

If you really want all your zones to use the same, make your own custom nameservers on an account level (Business or Enterprise required) using https://developers.cloudflare.com/dns/additional-options/custom-nameservers/#account-level-nameservers


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