Has anyone got Kajabi to connect to Cloudflare when Cloudflare is also the domain registrar?

Please can I have some help?

I feel I have tried everything available already in this community without luck and I have seen no confirmation that anyone has got Kajabi and Cloudflare working successfully when Cloudflare is also the registrar.

My domain name is livingupclub.com. I transferred the registrar to Cloudflare last week (from Bluehost as I couldn’t get my email working and the Bluehost rep told me to add my MX records to Cloudflare) and my website is hosted on Kajabi. Since then, I have not got Kajabi to connect.

I have added the CNAME record to Cloudflare DNS - DNS only, using ssl.kajabi.com.

I have removed and then readded the A records with both the original Cloudflare IPs and

I have added page rules to redirect livingupclub.com to www.livingupclub.com, understanding that the cloud on the A record needs to be toggled onto orange to run these rules.

I cannot get Kajabi to connect in any circumstance.

I have tried every combo on both the community pages and on YouTube. I am well and truly stuck and frustrated as I can’t move registrar for 2 months, which would be the simple solution.

whatsmydns.net has the CNAME pointing to Kajabi and the A record to Cloudflare, so propagation has worked.

The page apparently doesn’t exist, although the site icon is showing. I have tried incognito mode.

My DNS currently looks like this:

I have been reading that the fact that I am using Cloudflare and Kajabi is also using Cloudflare, may cause some issues. The problem is now beyond me. Does anyone have any ideas, please?

Much appreciated!

Have you followed the steps to create the www subdomain in Kajabi as explained by this article?

Thank you for your response. I could recite that article. I have read each word. It appears so simple, but just doesn’t work. I have been on with Kajabi - because I pay there. They tried to be helpful, but couldn’t resolve.

So just to be sure, on the following screen, you selected the option to create a subdomain named www.example.com?

Because it looks like Kajabi doesn’t know about that name.

I did and if you check DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool - you can see that it resoves to ssl.kajabi.com, as it should.

I can see the configuration you made in Cloudflare, but not what you did in Kajabi’s menu.

Is there s page in Kajabi that shows the domain configuration you did on their end?

There are no DNS settings in Kajabi because I am using the Cloudflare account name servers. I can’t change them to the Kajabi name servers, despite them also being Cloudflare - that would be simple and the set up I originally used with Bluehost. When I used Kajabi name servers, I had DNS configuration in Kajabi.

The only option is to set up the subdomain in Kajabi and set up the DNS configuration in Cloudflare - but the connection between them isn’t working.

It must be to do with one Cloudflare set of rules over-riding another. I have tried bypassing Cloudflare by pausing it on my site, but that didn’t make a difference.

The problem is very clearly with your Kajabi configuration - the request reaches their servers, but they do not recognize the domain.

Can you delete your current custom domain from Kajabi and try to add it again?

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I’ve also tried this several times. I have a feeling I’ll need to wait out the 60 days and reregister the domain with Bluehost. Thanks anyway.

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