Has anybody tried connecting an ukit.com site to cloudflare?


I built a site on ukit.com and I have been trying to connect it to my domain which is using cloudflare. Instructions on ukit says that I should do “DNS things” with my domain provider. Domain provider told me to use cloudflare, which I did. So, now what? Below is the instructions from ukit.com:

so, I did this on cloudflare as advised by someone on cloudflare support:

(can’t upload 2nd image because i am a new user. _) I added the ns1 items as NS on cloudflare.

But it does not work! I NEED HELP. I am not a techie gal and I have little to no understanding of DNS things. Can somebody help me out please. Thanks!


Here is that 2nd image:


Remove the three NS records and add an A record for the IP address and @ as name.


Wow, thanks! It works now. Thanks so much, Sandro! :kissing_heart: