HAR Sanitizer support

What is the best channel for reporting issues with the HAR Sanitizer (har-sanitizer.pages.dev)? I’m interested in making use of this, but when I tested it it gave an error.

-Saved out a .har in Chrome after searching the word “test” on google.com
-Uploaded to har-sanitizer.pages.dev
-Marked sanitization for “All Cookies”
-Selected Download Sanitized HAR
-Got error: “SyntaxError: Expected ‘,’ or ‘]’ after array element in JSON at position 13241 (line 236 column 9)”

Hi, looks similar to JSON could not be parsed · Issue #14 · cloudflare/har-sanitizer · GitHub

The GitHub issues there are probably the best place to report anything like this.


Perfect, I’ll report it there. Thanks!

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