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I have Cloudflare pro for a month now, I activated the SSL I see I have 20 rules there. How can I get the best protection with Cloudflare pro ?

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You can comb through the Plan Features to see what’s available on Pro Plans, but two performance features you get are Polish and Mirage image optimizations.

The biggest security bonus of the Pro Plan is the WAF (Web Application Firewall) which should already be enabled in the Firewall page right next to IP Firewall.

Yea, thank you for the answer. WAF was already in use. When I go to firewall I see a lot of IP adresses there on firewall events first one was:

Rule ID Action Taken IP Address Loc. Host Date
Unknown Block 2a01:7e01::f03c:91ff:febe:1082 DE www.quizlow.com 3 minutes ago Details

What IP is that? Is it harmful?

That’s a normal IPv6 address. Check the Details link to see why it was blocked.

I blocked it. Is that IP visiting my website or does it have any kind of other acces?

That’s an IP address just like any other IP address. IPv6 just uses more numbers as well as letters. And colons instead of periods.

Ok, so it was just a normal person, nothing to worry.

One more question the pro plan is billed every month right?

Yes. Billing here is monthly.

I can’t find how to pay it :))

Can I pay my pro version before the due time?

As long as you have a billing method set up, it will auto bill you. Check your Billing page under your Dashboard profile.

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