Handshake trouble 525

Hey, so I’m experiencing troubles with my websites, all on the same host.

I have a few WordPress sites that I have, and I’ve spoken to the host they assure me that the problem isn’t theirs so I would have to ask someone smart than me.

I get these handshake issues regularly, and there is no pattern other than it happening in a redirect. I’ve checked my cpanel logs and can’t find any trace there. Checked wordpress and woocommerce logs. The issue may occur every 5-10 minutes while I’m on the page browsing and working on things. Seem more likely when I’m in admin panel, but that’s where I spend most of the time so might not be anything more than just because.

They say the problem is WordPress, and I’m not 100% sure but they may be correct and if so I should probably try their forums. But wanted to see if anyone that is using Cloudflare has had this issue before and could point me in the right direction.

I’ve tried both flexible and full SSL. The SSL certificate is well and in order.

any and all help is great.

Hello there,

You should set SSL to Full Strict instead. Read more here:

Once you set the SSL to Full Strict, check for difference. Check this #tutorial to fix the error:

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