Handshake transfering domains

Please handshake my domains to finish the transfer:

the system does not give me possibility to write the full address here, both domains end with .co.uk

Neither of those domains are currently using Cloudflare nameservers, which is required before a domain registration can be transferred to Cloudflare registrar.

Why does domain transferring need DNS? I a transferring domains from Namecheap to Cloudflare, namecheap support team said: IPS tag was changed on our side and it was necessary to contact your new registrar to accept the domains on their side.

Cloudflare registrar is a benefit that is only offered for domains that are using Cloudflare DNS. Before you can initiate the transfer in the Cloudflare dashboard, the domains need to be active in your Cloudflare account.

On both domains, Cloudflare DNS addresses were set. If it was not, how can I make the transfer?

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Both of those domains expired on 2023-04-12. You cannot transfer expired domains to Cloudflare. This also explains why Cloudflare DNS is not showing up in the whois entries for the domains. You will need to renew the domains at your current registrar before you can do anything with them.

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