Handshake Failed on Server Hello (TLS, 552)

I’ve tried it dozens of times but I can’t get it to work: Error 525.
When I try searching up my website (and I have Full/Full Strict mode enabled), I’m getting a 525 error. I tried doing everything in the Control panel, but nothing worked. So I’ve searched up way too many websites, from Cloudflare posts to asking ChatGPT, nothing worked. So… Now I’m here…
When I try cURLing the website and my A-record IP, I get a Client hello, but I never get a Server hello, instead I get a TLS alert, handshake failure (552).
I encrypted my website using LetsEncrypt, and, yes I checked - the certificate is fully working and up-to-date, so is the backup certificate.
When I change my SSL settings to “Flexible” it does work, but this is probably because there isn’t any further encryption between Cloudflare and my server- which should mean it can be intercepted. I don’t own a company or have a log-in system, but I do definitely prefer to keep my website’s visitors data safe.
I’d like to know if anyone else has had these type of problems before, and of course, a solution - if there even is one… For now, I thank you for reading this and I hope you have a great day!

What is the site? Can you pause Cloudlfare (or set the DNS record to “DNS only”) so it’s possible to reach the server without Cloudflare? It’s easier then to look and see why Cloudflare can’t connect to it.

Now I’m getting a:
SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP error, but I am unable to resolve this due to me having no access to any Config files on my server, and not having root access. Is there any other way to prevent this?

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