Handshake 525 Error

Hello people.
My first post here in the community, I’m new to CloudFare technology.
In November 2020 I started a project and until today, on the date I write this text, I never had any problems with my website.

I am using Vultr hosting (VPS) and a CA from Comodo.

My website was configured using easyengine and therefore has nginx configured and the certificates pointed out correctly.

Today, 5 pm local time, I had my first error error 525 and checked the community’s insights and I couldn’t find a possible cause that is causing this problem.

Is it possible to be anything more serious?
To at least have access to my site again, I had to change the type of encryption to flexible, until today it was always strict strict does anyone have any tips on what I can do?


Did you see any error logs in Nginx?

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