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https://wpwineclub.com/ : On this website I am getting error “SSL certificate is not valid.” Due to which I am not able to use Square payment gateway. I have checked for other hosted sites as well they are secure, having issue with this specific site only

Post a screenshot of the error. Except for a “mixed content” issue on your site, it seems to load fine and comes with a valid certificate.

Please find attached screenshot:

I think you could try enabling “Automatic HTTPS rewrites” and “Always use HTTPS” in SSL/TLS to fix this issue
Seems like your website is redirecting back to HTTP

If this doesn’t work, try changing the wordpress settings to use HTTPS instead of HTTP

These two messages do not seem to be related. The one above refers to aforementioned mixed content, the one below is an apparent JavaScript issue

Your entire seems somewhat broken. Additionally to aforementioned mixed content issue you also have plenty of links for attractive-carton.flywheelsites.com, which dont work at all.
I would suggest you take the entire site back to the developer for it to be fixed.

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