Had to delete domain from DNS… what is ttl?

Had to shift from CF as I needed a hosted sub-domain in AWS and cannot afford $200mo w/ my small biz. I deleted and I’m still seeing cloudflare NS despite having completed shift to Route53. Checking Cloudflare diagnostics and local dig both reinforce that it’s still a cloudflare NS.

Is there a way to flush or do I just wait? What might the dwell be?

Could it be stuck (delete account doesn’t remove)? DNS is demostrator.com

Tia, /dan

Hi @hushon,

It looks like that domain is registered with Tucows. The nameservers there still point to Cloudflare, there’s nothing else you can do here, you need to move those nameservers elsewhere if you don’t want to use Cloudflare any more.

I suspect you already changed the nameservers in your panel there and it hasn’t taken effect. You should contact them about it, Cloudflare can’t help here. It may be caused by the clientUpdateProhibited status on your domain which they will need to look at.


thanks, forgot about that. appreciate the help

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