Hacked website but the owner passed away

The following website has been hacked: REDACTED
The sad part is that the owner of this website recently passed away.
Does anyone know what steps I can take to at least find the owner of the domain/website?
Because Whois only refers to Cloudflare and 1 big hosting company which maintains a lot of smaller companies.

Whois doesn’t get me any further.
Whois gives following details:
Domain name: https://www.[REDACTED]
Status: active Registrar:
Registrar.eu Kipstraat 3 c 5C 3011RR Rotterdam Netherlands
Abuse Contact: +31.104482297 [email protected]
Creation Date: 2023-02-10 Updated
Date: 2023-03-01
Domain nameservers:
Record maintained by: SIDN BV

Thanks in advance!

Whois information also shows the technical and administrative contacts. I suggest they are the best people to contact.

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