Hack iP question

Hello I am needing for a project to know how to find the real IP of a web page on the internet.

For example this page: www.shopify.com

Entering this site: https://myip.ms/ says that the IP is this: (Cloudflare IP)

Being that the real IP of the page www.shopify.com is this: (Domain IP)

I know this information because a person shared that IP.

My question is how to know what is the real IP of any web page.

I am writing this with the google translator, therefore it may be that something is misspelled.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Ask the website owner.

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One of the reasons people use Cloudflare is because they want to hide their server IP address, but you want to find out the real server IP address instead. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Even if you ask the website owner, they will not provide you the information.

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I will. All my websites are IPv6 based and hosted on ::1.

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And the sketchiest comment of the day goes to…

I love this statement.

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