Hack Google index by wikihookup

Hi all, sorry for my language, I’m writing from Italy.

My website uses Cloudflare (set as a free service by my webhost) and I am having a big problem in indexing pages in Google Search Console.

Someone seems to have hacked files. Do you know this website: Wiki Hook up ?

They results as canonical URL for my homepage, with this url: https://wikihookup.com/rasayanabiocosmesi/ instead of mine (rasayanabiocosmesi.it)

I noticed this problem because I wasn’t able to find any page of my website in Google SERP, and there was this website instead of mine.

Looking on a web tool, I found they seems to be hosted on Cloudflare servers.

In the Google Search Console I found indexed tons of URLs that seems to be articles of my website, but they are not.

They are URLs like these (but there are not these articles on my website and clicking on them you’ll have a 404 error):


I presume someone has found a method to hack the cached files on Cloudflare.

I’ve cheched all my files and I have not found the word “wikihookup” in any place, and the same in the website’s database.

Yesterday I’ve reset the Cloudflare cache and reload a new Sitemap.xml on Google Search Console, hoping to solve fast the problem.

It seems to be not only a problem for me, but for many other people

Someone can help me?
Thanks and Kind regards

That’s extremely unlikely.

It sounds like your site has been hacked and needs a more thorough investigation.

If you believe wikihookup is violating Cloudflare’s ToS, you can file a complaint at cloudflare.com/abuse

Many thanks, sure I’ll write an abuse over there.
Unlikely, but possible. Cache Poisoning exist, isn’t so?

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OK, I’ll tell you when it will be solved. Thanks

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