Hack and Help

I recently had my email hacked. Initially, I tried to recover it by resetting the password, but I didn’t receive any notification emails, which suggests the hacker changed the email associated with password reset. I attempted to contact support through a ticket, but it seems they didn’t believe I was the account owner. I remember registering my domain with Cloudflare, named hamx.xyz, and now the hacker has redirected the website to discord.com. Despite contacting support, it was futile; they acted as if I wasn’t the real account owner and even closed my ticket unexpectedly, even though I provided a photo in the email showing I was logging into the hacked email (I used a backup email to contact support). They insisted that I need to directly contact the email linked to the account, which is impossible since it’s been hacked. This situation has severely affected my business, with many customers complaining. My tickets are being closed, and I have proof of domain purchase in my email. Can anyone help me?

Hey @bigbangk933 ,

Please do not open more tickets for this issue, our team has escalated your issue to our Trust and Safety team, and as my peer mentioned before; you can email [email protected] for any update, but unfortunately from our technical perspective, there is nothing much we can do at the moment.


So if it’s a good idea, can you transfer the domain to me named hamx.xyz in a new account for me?

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No, that is not possible. But you can add it to the account you are using here and change the nameservers at your domain registrar.