SSL not working

I have a website hosted on godaddy and domain registered on other godaddy account

I am trying to configure SSL but no success…

Website is a custom non-wordpress

Please help me!

Works just fine for me. Clear your browser and DNS cache and give it another try.

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Thanks Mark yes it work sometimes…but it is not working for Google incognito mode and Also not working for Mozilla and other browsers…

Also I have 5 other WordPress websites which are protected by SSL but the color of the lock icon is not green. Can you please tell me about that!

Many thanks

OK, what’s the exact error, to begin with. :slightly_smiling_face:

I just tried again with different browsers on different OSs.

You can re-run tests on where you can simulate different browsers.

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Yes, you are right…I can see its working fine now! in Chrome and Opera but in Mozilla it has some exceptions… I think it is due to mixed content! Can you give me a solution for that?? as it is not a wordpress and thus no plugins to be used…

Many thanks

Hi @amit.aol25,

If it’s related to Mixed Content, there’s a great topic from #Tutorials on this subject:


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