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I’m using bluehost hosting and recently connected cloudflare. When I run my site performance through GTMetrix, the site the system is analyzing is not the up-to-date site. It analyzes a newly fresh install with no content. My hosting said Cloudflare is the problem. Can someone help?

What’s the domain?

Quoting sdayman via Cloudflare Community [email protected]:

What’s the domain?


The domain is

That’s really weird. I can see the regular site in my browser. Pingdom is the only one that shows the actual site. GTMetrix, FastOrSlow, and WebPageTest show the generic site.

This test shows a generic site around the world.

Open a Ticket and link them to this post. Maybe they can figure it out.
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

EDIT: Just to be sure, can you go to the Caching settings page in the Cloudflare Dashboard and do a Purge Everything?

I did purge everything in Cloudflare. Under DNS in cloudflare, I turned off Type A- mywebsite name and it come up with the the website minus the big homepage image. Very strange. I turned it back on is what you see.

Can you post a screenshot of your DNS page? It’s ok to black out part of the IP address. (I’d like to see if there are any repeats or conflicts)

Here it is. I have a rule setup to always login as https. I deleted that rule and the site showed minus to big image on the homepage. DNS settings attached.

I don’t see anything on there that would cause such a conflict. Definitely contact Support and past in the link to this discussion.

Question, I noticed that if I just put in Gtmetrix- it does not analyze correct site. However, when I add the it DOES analyze the correct site. Does that help in determining a fix?

That’s not making any more sense for me. It’s still going through Cloudflare and your DNS looks properly configured.

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