GTMetrix shows site still have files not using CDN

the CDN for my site is already set and running. but when i conduct a gtmetrix test, the result still reflect a lot of files not using CDN. any advise and help on how to improve site loading speed or rectify this? Thanks.

I did not test the site, but guessing from a lot of similar conversations on this site, I suspect it’s a matter of understanding what cloudflare will cache by default, I’d start here, ExpertTip - Cloudflare Performance - Caching & Load Balancing

That post references, and specifically check out the section on adding page rules to tell cloudflare what to cache. The report showing where the site has issues may help in determining what settings to adjust.

Also, here is a great tip on performance from a #CloudflareTV episode, CommunityTip - Performance 101 on YTCC.

same issue is coming on my site pages too

Can you run the test multiple times? Usually the first request made is not yet cached by the data center.

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