GTMetrix scores worse when enabling Cloudflare CDN

Hi I ran the diagnostics test and received the following errors …

The site does not have any DNSSEC records. I went to enable this but it seems superfulous? Contacted my domain registrar and support who had worked there for 7 years had never been requested for this.
The hostname has no DS records. Not sure how to deal with this as the nameservers are pointing to CloudFlare.

Anyway that is not really the issue I dont think … I have my site hosted with WP Engine and I have been in consultation with their senior technicians with regards low GTMetrix scores. When I turn off Cloudflare CDN I get a B and when I enable it I get a C. Site is hosted on servers in Sydney and tested for Sydney servers. I was wondering whether you could shed any light as to why this may be happening?

Senior technician from wp Engine was stumped as to why this would happen and suggested I write to this forum.

Appreciate any insight as to why this may be happening.

I have previously posted this topic and was asked for the screenshots and posted them but received no response and then the ticket was closed :frowning: Ticket was … Cloudflare CDN enabled and giving worse GTMetrix scores

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