GTmetrix Result "D", How to Improve it?

Hello there,
I have a client site and I have a task to increase its website speed, I have done almost all technical step. I’m utilizing Cloudflare nameservers for my website The issue is the point at which I’m stopping Cloudflare my stacking time decreases and test shows on gtmetrix 2 second however when I’m utilizing Cloudflare the stacking time is expanding as long as 5 seconds. would someone be able to kindly exhort what could be reason. Cloudflare should speed up my sites as opposed to diminishing it. much obliged to you.

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Test Before You Post
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The screenshot does not explain the real cause.

What are the suggestions provided by GTmetrix?

Any waterfall diagram?

This is waterfall model ,

How about the Structure tab from here:

And, which location you choose to test the performance, and where’s the location of your server?

Also try to look at each requests and see the “cf-cache-status”, are they mostly HIT (especially images, CSS and JS)?

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