GTmetrix pefromance from different parts of the World

Hello, Cloudfare members.
My VPS is located in the Ukraine.
Testing it with Gtmetrix, with Cloudfare configuration, dns saved for my domain and SSL from Cloudfare, I get around 97% of performance with TCP 1-1,4sec in case i choose the server from London. With the server from Canada, performance drops so much, to 74-76% because of a 1sec delay in server response.
With Google page speed test my results are not perfect either, around 82%.
Is there anything I can do about that?
Thanks in advance.

You can speed up this requests with ARGO.
It works great i can recommend it and it is worth every penny spend !

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If you provide the GtMetrix links for both measurements I will look into them and tell you what can be improved.

But general problem of using CloudFlare is:

  • HTMl is normally not cached as it is dynamic. And if cached its cached it makes your site not getting updated to public calls as it is cached.
  • static assets are cached everywhere.
  • its not a real CDN, its a proxyCDN, some even call it softCDN. this comes with some great advantages and some disadvantages.

So the main problem (fast responses of dynamic content) is not getting adressed by CloudFlare yet. There are ways to improve this (Argo, Railgun …), but I have not yet found a perfect way to really solve this problem yet.
But I already do have an idea of how this could be solved. Even for Shops etc.

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