Gtmetrix Image Optimization

Has anyone had issues optimizing images on your site that are listed on Gtmetrix, and after you replace the images they come back re-labeled?

For example, I had an image (image.jpg) that appeared in the list to optimize. I optimized the image and ran test again and it shows as ‘image_1.jpg’ now when I didn’t rename the file.

I have the free Cloudflare account so I don’t use any of the optimization tools from other plans. I’m pretty sure it has to do with the CDN and how images are cached. I’ve tried moving into Developer mode and replace the images, flushed cache in my Magento store and in Cloudflare but nothing helps and it keeps doing it.

Cloudflare doesn’t rename files. It looks like you uploaded the optimized image and your system renamed it because it was a duplicate of the original filename.

Thanks for your reply!

I’m aware Cloudflare isn’t renaming the files, and I know my Magneto system isn’t renaming the files either. It just seems that once I’ve set up my site using Cloudflare as my CDN when I check Gtmetrix to see what images need optimized I optimize them, delete the old, and upload the optimized version. Then when I retest site on Gtmetrix the file is appended with a number and shows as not optimized.

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