GTmetrix Grade is F

Hi friends,

My website is really slow. I have Cloudflare pro plan as well still the score is 5% and grade is F which is very low.


I am afraid the forum is not for general SEO related topics. If you believe Cloudflare can help you with a specific item, please point that out.

For example, your server takes ages to respond, but Cloudflare can’t fix that.

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yes website is slow as well. Cloudflare Premium plan we purchased only for the performance.

You purchased this via your host however. You will need to contact them. Also, as I mentioned already, Cloudflare cannot make your server respond faster.

Which items on that list are of your concern?

Server response time.

I have purchased from siteground

Then you need to contact them. In particular about the response time.

Ok, thanks Sandro :grinning:

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