Gtmetrix doesn't recognize CDN

Hi everybody

I don’t know why Gtmetrix keep telling me [Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)] knowing that I already configured the dns records.

if someone can help me with this, I’ll be grateful

thank you everybody

Strictly speaking, Cloudflare is not a CDN. I can only give my usual advice to that question, take their recommendations with a grain of salt. Not everything needs to be considered.

thank you so much

I thought that if their recommendation is fullfield, it will impact my time speed

Their recommendations are partially good, but not everything is applicable, useful, or even true.

In this particular case, assuming your domain is going through Cloudflare, you’d be already on a CDN-like system, so you can ignore that statement.

the problem is : they are showing me that Fully Loaded Time is
19.6s but I feel that the website must be 5-6s not 19.6s

that’s why I think that you’re right

The waterfall should elaborate on that.

Whats the domain?

this is the website, if you are wondering

Well, that domain is not on Cloudflare in the first place.

how it’s configured

You added the domain to Cloudflare but you never changed the nameservers.

think dns records are not configured as it should?

how did you find that?

Magic :smile:

$ dig +short NS
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Also, that is completely unrelated to Cloudflare, but your - surprise, surprise - Wordpress setup does not appear to be optimally configured returns a 404 but takes 20 seconds to do so and you have quite a few such links on your page.

to configure the nameservers from cpanel?

Please, the documentation is there for a reason

You need to change them at your registrar.

ok thank you so much
this website is a friend of mine who ask to help him and I sent him the nameservers to change them but apprently he did not

so thank you sandro for your help

plz if you can tell me what to do in this case I’m lost

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