Gtmatrixs Showing CDN "F" Score


Hey I’ve istalled cloudflare to my domain but still gtmatrixs showing “F” Score. what should i do can anyone help me, i’m using siteground hosting.


What’s the domain?



can anyone help me out with this problem


When I analyse the site with gtmetrix, it gives a C. Have you read the recommendations? There appear to be some good ones there!


no its B Grade but yslow is D i want to solve it


Have you read the recommendations under yslow? There are some good suggestions there for how to improve it. The main thing seems to be Reduce DNS lookups, The components of your site are split over more than 4 domains.


first i need to remove CDN error bro


You mean the fact that it recommends using a CDN?

  1. Why isn’t my CDN being recognized?

YSlow’s default list of CDNs that it detects are limited to CDNs that Yahoo! uses. We’ve added detection for a few of the more popular CDNs, but it still may not detect your CDN by default.

For CloudFlare users, YSlow should automatically detect the CDN usage if it’s set up correctly and you’ve given it enough time for the DNS to propagate (typically takes up to 2 days).

If YSlow isn’t detecting your CDN, then you can add your own CDN hostnames so that they aren’t penalized by the CDN recommendation. Visit your User Settingspage and then input your CDN hostnames under the “YSlow CDN Hostnames” field. GTmetrix should then recognize your CDNs in your future tests.

Hold on… That site isn’t using Cloudflare nameservers…

Are you on a partner setup?


i have tu put only cdn name ? can you give me example please


Is your domain set up on Cloudflare? the nameservers are not changed … Are you on a partner setup?


That’s weird. I thought it was going through Cloudflare when I checked. Maybe not.


The nameservers appear not to be (they show as siteground for me), but it looks from some of the other records like it could be a CNAME setup…


No Cloudflare headers.


Hmm… The records for www show as which according to @cscharff’s post (in the place we don’t speak of :joy:) means it is a partner setup… Maybe it is set to :grey: or not configured properly?

@cloonan, are you able to check this internally? :smile:


Ya likely misconfigured, it doesn’t resolve to a CF IP and server: nginx.


yes it is partner setup with siteground host that is why i mention hosting name, so what should i do should remove patner and do it manully my self?


Hi @awaissadiq99, I don’t show as ever having been active on Cloudflare, through the partner or otherwise.

If you opt to sign up directly through Cloudflare (or even if you sign up for Cloudflare through the partner), you won’t “remove” the partner from the mix. Rather, your site will remain hosted at that location (the origin server) and Cloudflare will sit between your site and your visitor. If you sign up through the partner, you won’t change name servers, if you opt to sign up directly through cloudflare, you’ll need to change your name servers with your registrar.


yes i know i can change the nameserver , but then i will be able to fix that issue?


I’m still waiting to solve this problem