is not a registered domain - Please help a noob

Hi All,

Let me start by saying I am a newbie and have limited knowledge.

I have attempted to add my domain to Cloudflare and it returns the “ is not a registered domain” error.
It’s a domain I’ve registered with a cheap hosting company here in South Africa and it lay unused until now. I want to use it to play around with, and learn about the Cloudflare API.

See my DIG results below:

id 29249
opcode QUERY
AUTHORITY 1799 IN SOA 2021081456 28800 7200 2592000 28800 ADDITIONAL

If anyone can tell me what this means I would greatly appreciate it.

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Hi @gerhard.thirion,

Your domain has the serverHold status, you should contact the registrar about this.


Thank you for the feedback,

I’ve been speaking to my hosting provider about this for a couple of days, they’ve been less than helpful. See their response below:

if you did remember i told you that your domain was not hosted, so they would be no feedback, i initially thought that your domain was hosted meaning that the problem could have been from the ZA Central Registry.
At This moment, your problem is not from ZA Central Registry it because your domain IS NOT HOSTED, and it not work on cloudflare.

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I have asked the following question to my hosting provider earlier:

Let’s move past the Cloudflare part for the moment.
You said that my domain has a ServerHold status, from a bit of googling, it seems to mean that the domain is not activated in the DNS. What can be done to fix that?
You’ve also said that the domain is not hosted, please elaborate on this point a bit? Do you mean that there is no website hosting package connected to it and that there should be?
I am sincerely trying to figure out what I should do next and I need help with that, as my knowledge about the workings of hosting is limited.

The response from the hosting provider is as follows:

DNS has to do with web hosting, is your domain hosted?
The only problem you have is web hosting, your problem is NOT Domain Registration
Your domain can not work on cloudflare because IT IS NOT HOSTED.

This makes no sense to me because I have another domain on Cloudflare that has no hosting whatsoever. It is just a domain, but it is one of those freenom domains so I can’t use the Cloudflare API with it.

Is it just me or are these guys trying to make me buy a hosting package before I get any assistance?

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Try pointing your domain to and throw in some IP addresses for the domain and ‘www’ subdomain.

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I ended up transferring my domain to a reputable hosting company, and magically everything started working as expected.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Now I can actually start playing around.

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