Gta V , NAT Strict

So I would like to inform that has a problem on Gta V Online. Whenever i joined into Online Sever it shows

And i fixed The Nat Strict by changing into OpenDNS which is
Hope you are looking foward for this, because i really love it has slightly better performance than others.


I’m pretty sure this has to do with hiding your origin IP address. This is for enhanced privacy, but GTA V Online wants this info so they can route your to their nearest datacenter. Since Cloudflare’s already uses your closest location, that should be sufficient.

Are you noticing a performance difference when you use OpenDNS?

Thanks for reply,
I think it wouldnt be matter, because am still able to join public server & my friend too
And yeah, in gaming & daily use has impacted so much. It offers what they said

So this is a good thing? I’m hoping is working well for you.

Um yeah…
Hope so, thanks for it

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