GT metrix - Use a CDN error for 7 images

HI there,

I’m getting the error " please use a CDN " on Gt Metrix for and I’m not sure how to fix it.

I believe it’s new since I just changed from Bluehost to Siteground but can’t give 100% confirmation for that. It’s for 7 of my images.

Do I have to reupload them? Should I ignore it?

Open to any suggestions for improvements on my site as well if you come across something.

Pretty new to all of the website stuff but competent enough to understand most things

Enter #CommunityTip & the error message you’re seeing to find Community Tips with advice and insight.

Please search for any existing topics relating to your subject before posting.

Yes, it is a false warning. You can also use the search here for more information on it as that question has been discussed more than once.

gtmetrix user option settings field allows you to add hostnames of known cdns to the list at if you sign up for gtmetrix account so when testing it knows that cloudflare’s protected hostname/domain for site is using a cdn

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