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I’m familiar with Cloudflare cookies, but what is baffling me is that someone else’s site is running Cloudflare - and sets standard cf-duid cookies - but GT Metrix doesn’t flag them, unlike it does for the same cookies on my site.

The site in question is on www, but it runs on Cloudflare only, no other CDN or anything.

My question is then, why the discrepancy?

I thought that all Cloudflare cookies were impossible to hide unless they’re disabled on Enterprise, but these are enabled and still not causing a stir.

Obvioiusly I want to find out so I can implement the same strategy. :slight_smile:

First of all, the cookies are not an issue.

Second, can you post your URL and the other one?

Yes, I realise the cookies aren’t an issue, but my website is all about optimization and to get 100/100 on GT Metrix I need to turn on Cloudflare and Stackpath.

If I can get rid of the cookies then I won’t have any need for Stackpath.

  1. - Cloudflare + Stackpath. (no cookies in GT Metrix.)
  2. - Cloudflare only. (Penalised for cookies in GT Metrix.)
  3. - Cloudflare only (Not penalised for cookies in GT Metrix.)


We should get the terminology right. There is no penalty and whether you get 100 points or not, really doesnt matter. Again, cookies are not a performance issue.

All three sites seem to return cookies, why the service only lists the cookies for site #2 is something you will need to clarify with them.

not sure how you’re testing that site in GTMetrix for me reports cookies

Sandro, with respect, I asked for a solution not your opinion. :slight_smile:

eva2000, yes it depends where you’re testing from I guess. Please see below…

In that case I’ll have to respectfully :wink: leave the thread.

As you found in other threads already you cant remove the cookies and your question actually does not seem to be Cloudflare related but related to that service. You need to contact them instead.

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Haha!! Yes, the trouble is with GT Metrix and Pingdom, the testing protocol is ancient. That’s why Google doesn’t penalise for such things, because as you say cookies are a non-problem.


I wouldn’t rely on GTMetrix or pingdom too much - for one thing their Chrome and Firefox browser versions are several versions behind latest as well.

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Yes, that’s a fact. I’ve spoken to Pingdom and their plan is to update to Lighthouse, which is what all the Google offerings run off.

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oooh that will be interesting change when everyone’s Lighthouse metrics show them being slower than current Pingdom results !

Most definitely, but personally I’m glad. Pingdom gives lower scores for Brotli than it does for GZip, which is why I queried Pingdom in the first place.

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