GT Metrix Avoid landing page redirects

Avoid landing page redirects for the following chain of redirected URLs.

How to Fix it ?? i use Blogger + 1 and 1 domain + Cloudflare

If I were to attempt to decode what’s going on, I think that:

  1. You have Always Use HTTPS turned on here (so visitors are redirected to
  2. Your server is redirecting visitors to a non-SSL www URL (instead of an https: URL)
  3. Always Use HTTPS kicks in again to redirect http://www over to https://www

If you want a more optimistic report from GT Metrix, just enter the final URL:

You can get rid of one of the redirects by changing the redirect in my Step 2 to HTTPS
You can get rid of one of the redirects by not using ‘www’ for your URL.

For my sites, if I type in just:, GT Metrix will always report back one redirect as Cloudflare’s Always Use HTTPS kicks in. So I always type in the canonical (final) URL of my website: