Gsutie TXT and CNAME, MX don't propagate after more than 3 days

It’s been more than 3-4 days after I set up the TXT and CNAME to set up Gsuite at Cloudflare. There’s the ZOHO setup already but I added Gsuite anyway. But it seems like Gsuite can’t find the records yet and I asked the Google support but they said I need to contact Cloudflare to ask why it can’t find the records… Can you tell me how to fix this?

Censoring the domain is not such a good idea in this case :wink:

Whats the domain?

Are you sure this is the right Cloudflare account? Your domain still resolves to Zoho only. Which nameservers are mentioned below the DNS records?

namesevers are set to and How can I change zoho to Gsuite?

Yep, thats the wrong Cloudflare account then. Currently you have dave and erin configured as nameservers. So there is at least one other Cloudflare account where your domain is configured. Which one would you like to use?

Just noticed there’s another admin member of the team so do I need to add the gsuite records under his dns setup then?

The first question is which Cloudflare account you want to use. If it is the current one you need to change the nameservers. If it is the other one (with dave and erin) you need to make changes in that other account.

I’d like to use my account (current one) if there’s no conflict against the dave and eric one. What are some changes I need to make under my account in order for Gsuite to work?

If you want to use the current one you will have the change the nameservers. Whether there will be any conflicts is something I cant tell you I am afraid (you might have to redo some settings, worker code, or API keys).

If you want to use the other account you wont have to change any nameservers, but it will be best to remove the domain from your current account. Furthermore you need to make all the changes you have made so far in your account in that other account instead.

Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll go ahead and remove some changes I’ve made under my account’s DNS and apply them under the setting of the other account. There are already existing MX, CNAME and TXT for the Zoho service so if I add Gsuites’ recordsd would there be any conflicts or if OK to do so?

You should generally only have one of the two and not combine settings for Google and Zoho. That applies in particular to your MX records, as emails would be delivered randomly otherwise.

Hm… My other team prefers Zoho over Gsuite but my own team prefers Gsuite… Anyway to use both without a serious conflict?

I am afraid, no. You cant have both. What you could do is set up addresses for everyone and then forward emails on a mail account level from one account to the other, but emails have to go first to one single service only.

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Hi @jason5,


However, if you wanted the emails on two different subdomains, that could work.

i.e. [email protected] goes to Zoho, but [email protected] goes to GSuite, however that would mean having 2 different subdomains for different teams.

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True, that would work :slight_smile:

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Thank you @domjh @sandro! You guys’ve been a great help! So the best way to avoid any conflict is to remove Zoho then for me to really want to use Gsuite. I’ll remove everything related to Zoho to see Gsuite finds the records.

Thats not even “any conflict” that will be a conflict for sure :slight_smile:

Yes, if you want to use Google, you have to remove the Zoho related records. Then all emails will go to Google. Then you can either forward all emails for Zoho to different addresses or have them fetched by Zoho.

@domjh’s suggestion would also work by implementing the following setup. You could have MX records pointing to Google for and different MX records pointing to Zoho for In that case your main domain would go to Google and to Zoho.

You dont necessarily need to name it “zoholovers”, but you get the idea :smile:.


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