GSuite transfer to Cloudflare

Hi - I just moved a domain off Google Domains that I was using with a Gsuite subscription. Is there a why to keep domain hosted with cloudflare, but still use GSuite for emails, etc. Please let me know what actions I need to take in order to make sure I can manage my DNS from cloudflare but still use all the services of GSuite. (this would be ideal). Thanks.


Where you manage your DNS records and Google’s services are rather unrelated. You just need to make sure that you have all records in place on Cloudflare which are required by Google, but that’s something you need to primarily clarify with Google and then make sure these records are in place on your DNS screen on Cloudflare. That’s it.

In particular, you can keep using Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) for your emails by keeping the *._domainkey, spf record (has name @ and looks like v=spf1 something ~all), and all MX records.

See Set up MX records for Google Workspace email - Google Workspace Admin Help

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