GSuite MX Records - Cloudflare won't allow two records with the same priority number

I’ve tried to set up my gsuite email, and add the Gsuite MX records, but Cloudflare won’t allow me to use the same priority number twice - so in the image attached there are two ‘5’ priority numbers and two ‘10’. I am unable to add the second record unless I use a different priority number. I did this once using the next number (6, 11) and email was working, but then the MX records disappeared in Cloudflare.

Anyone know why / what to do instead?



You dont seem to be able to add two records in one go, using the same UI elements. In that case it seems to highlight the priority field in red. However, after adding the first record you can simply dismiss the current UI elements by clicking “Cancel” and start from scratch.


Amazing! Thank you so much :smile:

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