gSuite domain verification - CNAME setup


I am trying to setup gsuite for my domain, however it is already registered under old account. I need to verify that I am the owner of the domain to google support by adding CNAME record which they specified. I already did that and they are not able to see the CNAME record - they are telling me that the record needs to be DNS only and currently it shows as Proxied (but I am not able to change that). Moreover, I saw that CNAME records are privilege of Business subscriptions only.

Now I am on Free site plan - is it somehow possible to add this record just for the verification purposes? Or do I really need to upgrade to Business for this purpose?

Thank you.

CNAME records are not privileged to Business subscriptions, just that they get flattened to the root domain for the free plan.
I have G Suite connected to my Cloudflare domain without issues. Are you sure the name servers from your current Cloudflare account are added to your domains name server fields? If so you should be able to see it.
What happens if you try to change the record from proxied to non proxied? (clicking the orange cloud at the end of the DNS record) If you have changed that it should take up to 24 hours to propagate and for Google support to see this as well.

The nameservers are set correctly because I already added som TXT records and they were verified correctly. However google requires cname record only.

Unfortunately, I am not able to change the status of Cname record from proxied to Dns only. The icon is just icon, not clickable or changeable functionality behind that.

So clicking the orange/grey cloud doesn’t change the color. Have you tried a different browser? Maybe try incognito modes to be sure that there is no extension messing with the page formatting/functionality?
Just some suggestions that might make it work again since the functionality should be there.

For me it does work, even switching them now works so it seems there is something messing it up on your local machine most likely.

It works - the trick is you have to click directly on the orange cloud icon, not the text as I obviously did previously. Now it is DNS only, lets see if google support will be able to verify the domain.

Anyway, thank you for your support Kangie :+1: I highly appreciate it.

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