Gsuite domain to cloudflare

I am currently using gsuite. If I bring my domain to cloudflare, can someone show me how to set it up to where I will still get emails, beable to use google docs, sheets, etc?

Hi @jbwatts5,

Are GSuite handling your DNS? If not then it shouldn’t affect anything, as long as you have all the same DNS records you currently have now, copied over to Cloudflare.

The general strategy is this:

  1. Add your domain to cloudflare. Cloudflare will scan your DNS to add all DNS records etc. Let’s it does. Don’t update you name serve to cloudflare yet,
  2. Once that finished, manually create any record that CloudFlare are missing. Especially MX/TXT records or sub domain
  3. Double/Triple check everything is right. Make sure all the record are in cloudflare first
  4. Go back to your current DNS(google dns, namechepa or godaddy) and lower TTL on your records to like 5mins
  5. Wait a few hours just to be safe
  6. Switch nameserver to cloudflare

That’s the safest path

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