Grpcurl list not working

Trying to run a grpcurl list on a grpc server hangs. When calling the same url directly circumventing cloudflare it works.

This hangs:

grpcurl -vv -protoset-out test.protoset -insecure <cloudflareurl>:443 list

But if I first get the protoset on the internal url and then call an endpoint I do get an answer on cloudflare:

grpcurl -vv -protoset-out test.protoset -insecure <internalurlurl>:443 list
grpcurl -protoset test.protoset <cloudflareurl>:443 cosmos.base.tendermint.v1beta1.Service/GetLatestBlock

Don’t see anything on the instant logs unless I cancel the request, then I see:

499 client closed the request

which kinda makes sense since I cancelled it, no other logs anywhere

Any ideas how to fix this?

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