gRPC not working. with Cloudflare

I setup GO server with gRPC over Cloudflare protection

I enabled support gRPC option
I use CA , TLS enable in gRPC
full strict mode
server IP is proxied on DNS with Orange icon

my issue is :
i can connect to gRPC server port by server IP only but when request by Domain name its refused or dropped connection

are there any further action on Cloudflare to fix it although if i stope Cloudflare domain name working fine

i catch the point now, my issues in certificate SSL setting in cloudflare

when i use full mode it’s working fine with domain name , if i choose strict mode it’s stopped connection to grpc domain name

That indicates you haven’t fully secured the origin with a valid certificate.

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CA Certificate in Strict mode not connected with. grpc server

although cert is installed there

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